We’ve all had days where things just go inexplicably wrong. Forgetting your homework, tripping over the cat, or worst of all, getting locked out of the house–all of these are horrible ways to start or end any day of the week. But have you ever wondered why it seems that when one thing goes bad, everything goes bad? Well, this video might provide an answer to the mystery: It’s all the cat!!

Yes, that’s right, your cat is plotting against you. Okay, that probably is not actually a surprise at all, but while we’ve always suspected that our feline friends were actually more like feline secret agents hellbent on our destruction, we’ve never really had proof.

Until now.

Check out the bone-chilling video below to see how one black cat locks its human out of the house!

Were it not for cats’ intrinsic ability to be distracted (or confused) by literally a speck of dust, this human might never have regained entry to his own home! The devious little monsters. We’d throw you all out if you weren’t so darn cute and cuddly!

Japanese netizens reacted to the cat’s wily ways:

“Surely the cat thought that if it just did something with the door, it could see its master! (^_^) It’s very cute…but quite the troublemaker!”

“Hahaha! It pulled the lock shut!”

“Even it it were just an accident, it would be so horrible to have this happen to you! Maybe he should try putting some tape on the door when he goes out so it can’t be locked?”

“I laughed so hard!”

“What the heck did the owner do after this??”

“My cat has done this to me, and I got locked out. I’m always nervous when I come home now.”

“Well, what happened after this(°_°)?”

“The cat looks quite satisfied.”

Sure, the cat’s happy now. It’s won–it’s conquered the humans. But tell us this: What will it do when it can’t open the cat food cans, huh?

So, next time you get locked out of your house or your keys are missing or your homework has disappeared, don’t blame the dog! Those poor puppies have been trying to warn us all along: The cats are evil!!

But that’s why love them, right?

Sources: Yahoo! Japan Video Topics, YouTube