Sweet dreams are made of these.

Most people who frequent one of Starbucks’ tens of thousands of locations worldwide are there for their coffee fix. Even if you’re not a fan of coffee, there are plenty of other fun and fruity drinks to choose from, like Starbucks’ own blended Frappuccino drinks, and if you’re in Japan, there are always new, seasonal, and limited-time flavors cycling through the menu to keep customers interested and taste buds happy. 2016 saw no shortage of delicious drink combinations, and here are our top five favorites!

5. Sakura Blossom & Strawberry 

Number five is this Japan-only exclusive, which was available during the month of February. The sweet pink drink contained cherry blossom petals and salt-preserved sakura tree leaves. The tart sweetness of strawberry balanced well with the rich cream, and each sip finished off with a light and refreshing salty aftertaste. A perfect treat to get us in the mood for spring.


4. Strawberry Delight

The Strawberry Delight made a reappearance to the menu in May for the first time in two years. The creamy drink, blended with plentiful large chunks of tangy sweet strawberries, is simple yet delightful. A treat for customers of any age.


3. Nectarine Peach Cream 

This peachy drink pleased palettes in October with its strong nectarine flavor and Earl Grey tea-flavored Bavarian cream. The tangy-sweet Frappuccino was topped with whipped cream and a drizzle of strawberry-peach sauce.


2. Apricot Honey Soy Cream

The Apricot Honey Soy Cream, which rolled out in March, gave lactose-intolerant Starbucks-goers something to celebrate with their recently revised soy milk recipe, even topped with a dairy-free whipped cream, generous lashings of apricot and honey syrup, and little crispies for a fun crunch.


1. Coffee Jelly & Creamy Vanilla

Finally, number one on our list of Frappuccino favorites for 2016 is the Coffee Jelly & Creamy Vanilla from July. The drink is made with coffee jelly – made using the coffee chain’s roast espresso blend. The jelly chunks gave a strong hit of bitter coffee to the drink, which paired perfectly with the creamy custard vanilla sauce. The Frappuccino was served with an extra-wide straw to allow for easy slurpage of the coffee jelly.


We’re hoping that 2017 will be just as sweet! What special Frappuccino flavors would you like to see on the menu this year?

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