Starbucks Japan’s final seasonal drink of 2020 is perhaps the most relaxing.

Starbucks Japan has had a lot to offer during the year of 2020: Chocolate Milk Tea Frappuccinos, Butterscotch Coffee Jelly Frappuccinos, and more. Rounding off this year’s batch of exciting seasonal drinks at Starbucks Japan is a series that aims the spotlight at their tea lattes. For a limited time, the popular coffee chain is offering special Earl Grey Honey Whip Frappuccinos and Lattes. Our Starbucks Japan savant and Japanese-language reporter K. Masami took it upon herself to try both out for us.

▼ This winter wonderland of a drink is our first contender.

The Earl Grey Honey Whip Frappuccino is fairly self-explanatory, featuring a mellow and sweet Earl Grey black tea base and topped with honey-infused whipped cream.

▼ It’s also garnished with a shower of white chocolate and silver flakes to mimic fresh snowfall.

Masami thoroughly enjoyed the mild flavor of the Earl Grey base that left a refreshing aftertaste. If you love the fragrance of black tea mixed with the sweetness of honey, you’ll love it as much as she did.

▼ She would even go as far as to say it can heal your soul as much as a warm cup of tea!

▼ It’s well worth the 590 yen (US$5.71).

She tried out the Earl Grey Honey Whip Latte (450 yen). Starbucks Japan already offers an Earl Grey tea latte, so this was essentially the same thing with all the toppings of the previously mentioned Frappuccino. Masami already likes the regular Earl Grey tea latte, and she though this elevates its deliciousness even more.

▼ According to her, it’s the perfect winter drink.

▼ The drinks are only available until January 19 (or until ingredients run out), so if you want one for yourself, you’d better get to Starbucks sooner than later!

Starbucks Japan is also offering a couple of other twists on their regular tea lattes like the Chai & White Chocolate Tea Latte (450 yen) and the Houji-cha Cream Tea Latte (430 yen). If you’re not a fan of straight-up black tea, maybe you’ll enjoy one of those instead! Serve it up in your fancy new 2021 drinkware and enjoy the holidays.

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