You couldn’t possibly fit any more cuteness into this video or else you’d endanger the public with a cuteness overdose.

While often musical acts in the West aim for a rugged, rebellious, take-no-crap-from-anybody image, a lot of artists in Asia try to be as cute as possible. Maybe it’s a result of the different wants and needs of the consumer audience, but if you look through popular music videos coming from the region, you’re likely to see soft pastel colors and adorable imagery, rather than dark, moody colors and angular shapes.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in pop music that originates from Japan, Korea or China, and one Korean-Chinese pop group seems to have channeled a little Lisa Frank in their latest music video. Sorry, did we say a “little”? We meant a whole lot…

Cosmic Girls, who debuted in 2016, want you to know that life can be rainbows and unicorns as long as you sing and dance hard enough. Anyone who grew up after 1980 can probably see similarities to Lisa Frank’s world of bright colors, bubblegum hair, and cute furry animals in the promotional video for Cosmic Girls’ chart topping song “I wish”. It’s not an exact match, so maybe they were trying to resemble the Harajuku “kawaii” culture that has become more noticeable around the world. Then again, it’s also reminiscent of the sweets-filled game Sugar Rush from the movie Wreck-It Ralph.

▼ So much cuteness to choose from…


▼ This emoji says “Yes!” to being caught on a fishing line.


▼ Who needs additional lighting when your dress illuminates the world.


The song itself is pretty catchy, and it’s kinda nice to see a relatively straightforward music video for once, as long as you are willing to accept the use of unicorns and emojis. Unlike the numerous examples of pop musicians trying to be weird to be noticed, this wholesome toe-tapper is something we’d be happy to put on infinite repeat.

Source, images: YouTube/starshipTV
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