Pokémon continues in role as pitchman for tomato products in Japan with adorable limited-edition stuffed animals and pouches.

It’s not like Pikachu really needs to do anything special to charm people, seeing as he’s the adorable face of the Pokémon franchise and all. And yet, he still felt the need to double up on the cuteness last fall by appearing as a huggable plushie nestled inside sleeping bags styled after other Pocket Monsters.

Apparently Pikachu was as cozy as he looked inside those sleeping bags, because now he’s back inside another one, this time shaped like a bottle of ketchup.


You won’t find this cuddly condiment on the well-stocked shelves of the Pokémon Center superstores, however. No, the only way to get your hands on it is by buying some actual ketchup, Pikachu’s favorite food enhancer. Specifically, you’ll need to pick up some from Japanese tomato-based food manufacturer Kagome.

The company has just announced the “Mad About Ketchup! Pokémon Campaign 2017.” A follow-up to similar promotions held in 2015 and 2016, customers receive points by purchasing select Kagome-brand ketchup products.


After obtaining two proofs of purchase, customers can mail them in along with the postcard available here to enter a drawing for one of 500 ketchup sleeping bag Pikachu plushies (Pikachu himself is removable) or, alternatively, one of 500 Pikachu pouches, featuring the Pocket Monster joyfully holding a bottle of ketchup.



In addition, 1,000 entrants who aren’t chosen to receive either the plushie or pouch will win a Pikachu place mat, which is just about the cutest consolation prize you’ll ever come across.


The promotion kicks off on February 1 and runs until March 31, so if you’re looking for an excuse to use some ketchup, now would be a good time to start thinking about whipping up some Pikachu burgers.

Source: Kagome press release
Top image: Kagome
Insert images: Kagome press release