Torataro’s been drumming since he was in diapers, and he’s not messin’ around!

Preschool happened quite a while ago for me (longer ago than I’m willing to admit), and although what few memories I have of those years are pretty faded and unclear there is one thing I’m fairly sure of: my dexterity and coordination were not developed enough to play any complicated number on a drum set. In my more recent work with children I have found that to be pretty much the case for most three- to four-year-olds, so when a little drum prodigy like Torataro comes along it is a really spectacular thing to see!

It all started at the tender, impressionable age of two, when Torataro became totally entranced watching an ancient Shinto musical performance called kagura, and then began practicing on his own at home on a toy taiko drum.

At age three he had his first taiko drum performance, in which he played a solo for a traditional work song from Hokkaido, called “So-ran Bushi”. Shortly after, he received a used drum set and his drumming fever took off from there. He learned how to drum from tutorials on YouTube, and began doing performances with his father. Originally he was known as the “Diaper Drummer”, but once he graduated from diapers, that name change to “Three-year-old Drummer”. And now, at age four, he’s known as the “Four-year-old Drummer” and can do performances all on his own!

In addition to a number of appearances on TV, he has played for audiences of elderly folk at nursing homes around the country, surely brightening the day for the homes’ inhabitants with performances of the catchy “Koi Song“.

Perhaps most impressive though, is his rendition of metal band X-Japan’s hit “Kurenai”. X-Japan’s drummer, Yoshiki, is known for his intense drumming style, having passed out from exhaustion at performances in the past. Thankfully little Torataro was able to make it through this performance!

And yes, he’s even done that viral ear-worm “Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen“.

Be sure to follow Torataro on his various social media platforms, linked on his homepage, because there’s no doubt we’ll be seeing more amazing things from the little guy!

Source: drummer Torataro 
Top image: Facebook