These pro otaku dancers are too cool for school.

Thanks to the weekly TBS drama Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu (or NigeHaji for short) and its popular theme song “Koi”, the accompanying dance – dubbed the “Koi Dance” (Love Dance) – has garnered a lot of popularity, with everyone joining in the dance craze.

The dance is originally performed at the end of each episode by the main characters of the drama series, and has since seen the likes of figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu, Hello Kitty and friends, and even the U.S. Ambassador to Japan doing their own rendition of the dance.

Now, a group of “otaku” have given the dance a shot, and the result is surprisingly pretty awesome. Three of the six-member group RAB, short for Real Akiba Boys, posted a video of their dance on their Twitter account, writing “This is what happens when a group of professional single otaku do the Koi Dance.”

The three keep true to some of the original dance, but spice it up with breakdancing and other moves. Their rendition is a hit, and the video has been liked more than 70 thousand times and shared over 50 thousand. Here is what some commenters had to say:

“So cool, I laughed lol. You guys are true pros lolol.”
“Gross (I mean that as a compliment)”
“You guys broaden the definition of ‘otaku.'”
“Why do you guys look so cool?”
“Amateur single otaku couldn’t do it this well. You pros are different.”

The Koi Dance craze still seems to be holding strong! Who will we see Love Dancing next?

Source: Twitter/@RAB_CREW via Hamsusoku
Featured image: Twitter/@RAB_CREW