Could skateboarding be the one thing he’s not good at?

As the drummer and leader of the legendary Japanese rock band, X-Japan, Yoshiki has proven that he’s a man of many talents. Besides being the only member of the band who plays the drums, he also plays the piano and the keyboard in many of their tracks, and he is also a skilled omelette maker, a generous philanthropist, and an effective brand ambassador. Plus, he’s multi-lingual!

What he’s not good at, however, is apparently skateboarding. While in Los Angeles recently, he decided to try his hand at the tricky sport while wearing stylish shin-high boots on a wet basketball court, to somewhat disastrous results.

In the video, at first we see Yoshiki riding a skateboard fairly confidently, but it’s heading toward the fence pretty quickly, so he steps off of it and nudges it to face back the way he came. When he climbs back on to it, however, he loses his balance, and then, in trying to regain it, slips on the wet basketball court and tumbles backward to the ground in a most ungraceful, un-Yoshiki-like way.

The people talking behind the camera, who are apparently Yoshiki’s staff, rush to his aid, but only as someone playfully shouts, “Oh come on!” before the video ends. Yoshiki’s fans, however, were worried by his casual lack of concern for his own safety. While some netizens commented with things like, “My heart is set free watching Yoshiki play around innocently!”, most netizens were worried for the beloved celebrity’s health.

“Watch out for your neck~~~!!”
“Yoshiki-san, please don’t be rash! It’s dangerous……..”
“For the love of…pleeeease stop! My heart can’t take it anymore.”
“I’m so glad you didn’t get hurt.”
“This is bad for my heart~~All joking aside……I’m so glad to see how much you’ve recovered since your back surgery.”
“Hey! Jeez! Watch your neck! You’re making me mad! You have to be careful.”

The netizens are referring to the emergency surgery Yoshiki underwent in the U.S. a little less than two years ago to help treat the abnormal narrowing of his spinal canal. Since his spine has been badly damaged over his career due to his intense drumming style, his fans can’t help but worry about his health and safety, as he’s such a treasure to the Japanese music world.

In any case, he seems to be alright for now, but hopefully he’ll listen to his fans and play it a little safer next time, so we can selfishly keep him around for a long time yet!

Source: Instagram/@yoshikiofficial
Featured Image: Instagram/@yoshikiofficial
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