Don’t mistake crows for being dumb birds. They will remember your face and never forget you!

There is plenty of interesting wildlife in Japan such as the infamous tanuki (raccoon dog) and captivating bathing hot spring monkeys. However, one animal that the country shares with much of the rest of the world is the crow. The species specific to the Asian region is the jungle crow, but that bird can display intellectual prowess similar to that of its North America counterparts.

Twitter user and Osaka resident @DD_kuroshio_kai read something on Twitter that suggested befriending the local crows would be to their benefit, specifically that trash and other things would not be broken into. This is quite an amazing revelation considering trash day in many neighborhoods consists of putting your garbage under a flimsy net in the morning so that it can be picked up later on by the garbage truck. In the meantime, it’s quite easy for crows to slip under the net or strike through it and fling garbage all over the place trying to get at some food. So how can you go about bringing the crows to your side? What did @DD_kuroshio_kai do in accordance with the Twitter recommendation?

@DD_kuroshio_kai just started greeting the crows with “Good Morning!” or “Hey!” and a little wave directed at the birds, and magically the streets around the Twitter user’s house became a lot nicer. At the same time houses further from @DD_kuroshio_kai’s home got “relentlessly more devastated.” Seems like a pretty easy way to make the area outside your house a little more wonderful. Who knew crows would be so accommodating?!?

▼ This crow knew.


No one will probably be able to prove that this “lifehack” works, but there isn’t much to lose in trying it. Either people look at you funny and the crows end up liking you, or people look at you funny and the crows do nothing. Whatever happens, just tell people who you are greeting the day if they stop and ask you what you are doing. Let us know if this works for you, and while you’re at it, why not try out some other RocketNews24 lifehacks?

Source: Twitter/@DD_kuroshio_kai
Top image: Flickr/Keiichi Yasu