For those of us working in high-tech societies, connection and communication can be as valuable as any resource. A single missed call can turn into a missed business chance, so making sure you can be reached no matter how furiously you’re typing is important. But at the office, no one wants to be that jerk that just leaves their ringer on. And it’s pretty easy to miss a call with just vibration mode.

However, the writers for the Japanese-language side of RocketNews24 may have come up with a solution for you. All you need to do is keep your phone in range of view while you’re using the computer. There are, obviously, a number of ways to do this, but our writer P.K. thinks he’s found the best way: With a bra!


You may be wondering just what the heck P.K. is thinking bringing a bra to work, but his idea isn’t quite as harebrained as you might be thinking. To be sure, it is fairly harebrained, but there is a method to his madness!


First, it helps to know just how large the average person’s field of view is. P.K. tells us it’s 60 degrees up, 70 degrees down, and 120 degrees side-to-side when looking straight ahead. So, when you’re using a computer, you can still see what’s going on around the screen. Obviously, you can’t see too far around, but there’s enough room to notice if your phone goes off, as long as it’s reasonably close to the monitor.

And that’s where P.K.’s idea to use a bra comes in!

▼ Ta-da!


By attaching a bra to a clothes hanger and then hanging the whole thing just above and behind your monitor, you can keep your phone within your field of peripheral vision while you work! Now, you can type-up reports, check your email, and read RocketNews24 without having to worry about missing an important phone call!

▼ P.K. pretending to work hard.


You can, obviously, adjust the positioning to get your phone in the right spot to get your attention when a call comes in. And, of course, the bra doesn’t need to be pink.


It’s important to note how the bra is attached to the hanger, though. You need to be sure that the straps are hanging down so that your phone can rest on them, as if it were relaxing in a hammock. Even better, according to P.K., he never gets tired of looking at the bra, so it helps cheer him up through the doldrums of the day.


Another helpful aspect is how easy it is to snatch the phone out of the bra when getting a call. It’s not clipped into anything and there are messy tangles to fight — just pick it up!

▼ Like this.

Of course, there’s always the issue that not everyone is going to be happy with you using a bra like this, so you should probably be accommodating if anyone asks you to take it down. We suppose, in that case, you could just set your phone on the desk next to your monitor. It would probably work just as well…

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