The internationally popular cigar-shaped cookie will be getting its first new flavor in 13 years!

These Cigare cookies from Japanese confectioner Yoku Moku may not exactly look flashy, but they’ve been around since 1969, and you can be sure that the cookies are pretty darn tasty if they’ve continued to sell for over 45 years.

What’s more, it seems the cookies have gained popularity outside of Japan in recent years, particularly in the Middle East, as we reported back in May of 2015, along with impressions from our own taste test of the long-selling treat. Yoku Moku opened their first shop in Abu Dhabi in 2010, and the cookies have sold extremely well in the region, despite the fact that transporting them there makes them cost roughly two and a half times more than they do in Japan.

The Cigare cookies are known for their rich buttery taste and crispy yet just moist enough texture, so the addition of a new flavor for the first time in 13 years is certainly welcome news for sweets fans.


The new flavor, to be called “Cigare au Matcha“,  should be a delightful combination of the cookie’s buttery flavor and the refreshing taste of matcha green tea. Not only is the outside cookie flavored with matcha, the inside is also filled with matcha chocolate, so there’s plenty of green tea action going on there.

▼ The cookie will come in a stylish package with a kimono-inspired design, making it an attractive as well as tasty gift.


The Cigare au Matcha will be available  at Yoku Moku stores across Japan as well as the company’s online shop from March 15 until the end of June at a price of 1,080 yen (Us$9.50) for a package of eight cookies. A classic Japanese confection infused with green tea flavor is certainly a combination we’ll be looking forward to!

Source, images: PR Times