It’s the first Japanese-flavored item they’ve released in 16 years, so sweets fans have good reason to expect it to be delicious.

Tokyo Banana has long been a popular souvenir item with visitors to Tokyo (and rightfully so, as their soft, custard-filled cakes are always a welcome treat), so you may be aware of the various flavors their cakes come in. Well, sweets lovers should be delighted to know that there’s now a new addition to the Tokyo Banana line-up, and it involves matcha green tea!

The recently released Matcha Cake from Ginza (Ginza no Omatcha Cake) happens to be the first product featuring a Japanese flavor to come out from Tokyo Banana World in 16 years, so we can understand if fans of the brand are excited about the new item. Let’s take a look at the cake, shall we?

The Matcha Cake from Ginza is the sixth product in Tokyo Banana World’s “Ginza Cake” line of sweets. It is made from their trademark fluffy sponge cake with a double filling of “Uji matcha & sweet red bean paste cream” that contains stone-mill ground matcha from Kyoto’s Uji City and sweet red beans from Hokkaido’s Tokachi region, surrounded by an additional layer of decadent “matcha milk cream.

For the final touch, they added an endearing green heart printed on the cake, which the manufacturers hope will put a smile on your face and help you relax, just like you might when you have nice hot cup of matcha tea.

The goal apparently was to create a matcha-flavored cake that would be attractive to customers both in Japan and around the world. If the cake is anywhere as good as it looks, then they’ve accomplished that goal!

▼ Yes, we’re definitely loving the printed green hearts!

The Matcha Cake from Ginza comes in lovely boxed packages available in three sizes: 560 yen (US$5) for a box of four, 1,080 yen for eight, and 1,500 yen for 12.

The Ginza Cake from Matcha is only the third Japanese-flavored item released from Tokyo Banana World in its 26-year history, so if you’re visiting Japan and looking for something a little rare (and sweet) with a taste of Japan, this might make the perfect souvenir.

And even if you’re not looking for a souvenir, we certainly have nothing against a new matcha and cream flavored cake being available in Tokyo! Although it, combined with some matcha instant ramen, could make for a great gift for a matcha-loving friend.

Source, images: PR Times
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