Whoever thought that enjoying a cup of fragrant matcha green tea could be so easy?

If you’re fond of matcha but not so sure about preparing the green drink, then Nestlé Japan may have  the perfect solution for you. The food and beverage manufacturer has recently announced that it will be adding “Uji Matcha” to the line of drinks available for its popular NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto beverage machine. Although the flavor unfortunately will be exclusive to the Japan market, the product means you’ll be able to get green tea at the touch of a button from a coffee machine!

The new flavor, which features tea from the famous tea-producing region of Kyoto’s Uji City, allows you to enjoy the delicate taste and frothy texture of matcha (powdered green tea) without the fuss of preparing tea the traditional way. That’s right, with the machine preparing the beverage with up to 15 bars of pressure, combined with the patented “smart capsule” technology used to package the drinks, you’ll be sure to get a satisfying, fresh cup of green tea in under a minute.

Machine&Matcha -2

The Uji Matcha flavor was actually offered by Nestlé Japan earlier this year in February and March and was extremely well received by consumers — so much so that it was the best-selling item in the Dolce Gusto line-up during the period and sold out in less than a month. And with Japanese cuisine gaining more recognition internationally, Nestlé has decided to make the flavor a standard item in its line of capsules in anticipation of increased demand for easy-to-prepare matcha drinks. In fact, the company will even be setting up a new Dolce Gusto capsule factory here in Japan, the fifth one of its kind world-wide and the first in Asia.

▼ The Uji Matcha capsule, promising to deliver a beautiful, fragrant green tea drink


The Uji Matcha flavor will be available from October 1 at convenience stores, electronics shops and supermarkets across Japan as well as on their online shop (available online from September 1 for registered Nestlé online members) at a price of 908 yen (US$8.91). We wouldn’t be surprised if the item becomes a hit, because what’s not to like about tasty matcha green tea in under a minute from a stylish machine, right?

Source and images: NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto press release
Reference: Nestlé Japan Online Shop