Sompo Japan’s groundbreaking policy covers doxxing, negative memes, and other forms of flaming, but trolls need not apply.

On 6 March insurance provider Sompo Japan will begin offering Enjo Insurance (“Flaming Insurance”) to websites and companies. This insurance will offer coverage to recover from unflattering information going viral on websites or social media.

More specifically “enjo” refers to widespread flaming of a single target due to negative rumors or scandals rather than one-on-one interactions. For example, when tabloid Friday accused actor Hiroki Narimiya of cocaine use, it was the target of a fierce enjo from his fans as well as fans of general human decency. McDonald’s Japan had to deal with a long-burning enjo after a tainted chicken scandal.

▼ Even the substitution of tofu nuggets couldn’t quench the flames

Sompo’s new insurance would cover both of the aforementioned cases. The first of its kind in Japan, it will compensate any target of enjo regardless of whether the reasons are groundless or based on fact. In the event of any viral negativity that is harmful to a brand or image, Sompo will cover expenses for a positive media campaign, research into why the negativity began, and public apologies if needed.

For example, if one day I happen to snap and tell you all how I really feel about cat photos and the site is flooded with negative comments and death threats against me, this website will be able to claim the expenses of my psych evaluation, several cat-positive articles to restore its image, and finally my press conference in which I rub the bellies of several felines and spoon-feed them Fancy Feast for 120 minutes to show my repentance.

Or, if personal photos of Mr. Sato eating a sensible meal went viral and damaged the painstakingly built image of gluttony that RocketNews24 is known for, the company’s efforts to remove the embarrassing images would also be compensated for up to 10,000,000 yen (US$87,000).

Premiums will run from between 500,000 to 600,000 yen ($4,375 – $5,250) and of course in the event of any deliberate trolling on the part of policy holders, any claims will be denied.

In this the information age, image is more important than ever, so its easy to see why insurance companies would move in to offer coverage for online reputations. We here at RocketNews24 are no exception, so please be kind until our application clears!

Source: Nikkei
Top image: Pakutaso (1, 2) (edited by RocketNews24)