What’s that phrase? Break a leg? Catch on fire? Uh oh, Macbeth? Macbeth!

When a movie premieres for the first time in a country, movie studios will pull out all the stops in order to make a lasting impression and attract viewers to the theaters. Especially with a movie like Kong: Skull Island, you want to go big right from the beginning, as big as its titular character and all his monster friends.

At the movie’s premiere night in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, a gigantic, dare we say life-size, Kong graced the top of the stage as the master of ceremonies began to introduce the night…and that’s when everything went up in smoke.

Talk about making sure it’s a memorable night! That’s probably not how things were supposed to happen. It doesn’t seem like much is going wrong until every part of Kong is ablaze…and then the rest of the stage quickly follows.

Luckily, reports indicate that no one was hurt and the only casualty was the King Kong stage that probably had to come down by the end of the night anyway. While you are probably going to see fire, some explosions, and humans running away in Kong: Skull Island, you hope the movie has a better ending than this video. With the movie coming out later this month in Japan, it will give organizers plenty of time to create an improved fire resistant Kong! Let’s hope they don’t have any plans to test out their safety protocols.

Source: Toychan
Images: YouTube/Bí Mật Vbiz