Don’t get us wrong, Starbucks Japan has great merchandise, but have you seen Starbucks Singapore?!

We all know that Starbucks Japan sells some incredibly beautiful merchandise, primarily in the vein of tumblers, glasses, and mugs. Their sakura line is a hotly anticipated event each year, and we can always count on them to roll out something adorable for special occasions like Halloween too nowadays.

With February 1, and thus the arrival of the Lunar New Year, on the horizon, many companies across Asia are preparing to honor the occasion with appropriate merchandise. 2022 will be the Year of the Tiger, and so Starbucks Japan is preparing some gorgeous growling goods to put on their shelves:

But even diehard Starbucks Japan fans like us can’t deny that you have to search a little further afield for the really exciting tigers. As the Lunar New Year is celebrated with pomp and extravagance throughout Asia, each of their respective Starbucks companies is going all out to festoon their new lines with fuzzy faces and delightful yellow-and-black stripes. We chose eight to highlight here, starting with Hong Kong.

As you can see here, the ceramic-style tiger mug and other items like it are available in Japan as well—these items are sold as part of the line at every Starbucks that sells Lunar New Year goods. But the other lines also have cups that incorporate 3-D tigers, cute cartoons, and plenty of red to invite luck into the new year ahead. And look how cute the Starbucks bear looks dressed up in all its tiger finery!

▼ Swipe to see more details from the collection.

Brunei‘s account showcases a precious little drawstring bag stamped with the tiger’s face.

If you look at the spreads presented by Hong Kong, Thailand, the Philippines, and Singapore’s accounts, each displays a gorgeous glass with a tiger-shaped tea-infuser fashioned into its design. The tiger looks like it’s standing on its hind legs and exposing its fluffy belly, which is where you place your loose leaf tea and allow it to infuse into your water.

▼ The tiger-shaped tea-infuser glass can be seen on the right, with the yellow tiger popping its head out above the blue lid.

We couldn’t help but get excited over the post on the Singaporean Starbucks account, where they let us gaze at a menagerie of tiger-inspired wares. We see plenty of hints of gold, as well as a snowglobe ornament that’s too cute for words! A version of the ever-popular form-revealing glasses is on sale too—pour your drink into the glass and you’ll reveal the shape of a tiger’s head.

▼ Singapore also sells Year of the Tiger cookies and wafer rolls. C’mon, Japan, get with the program!

We were especially taken with the Indonesian line, too. While superficially you might think that you’ve seen all of these designs already in the earlier showcases, the Indonesian lineup features a unique two-tone ombre that makes the designs pop even more. The tropical colors do a great job of representing Indonesia’s toasty climes. Personally, we love the punky orange and silver tumblers shown here too—they’re also available in the Philippines!

Take a look at the alternating lineups for Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia, too!

As envious as we may be of this stripey selection of zodiac goods from Starbucks stores across the continent, at least we can comfort ourselves knowing that Starbucks Japan keeps treating locals to exciting promotions all of its own. We hope you all have a fantastic Lunar New Year once it rolls around!

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