Housekeeper in Singapore is definitely giving the Internet chills, might also be trying to give her resignation notice.

If Japanese cinema has taught the world anything, it’s that if you see black-and-white video footage of a woman with long, face-obscuring hair, something supernatural, or at least preternatural, is about to go down. This understanding has now spread beyond Japan and is commonly known around the world, so we imagine Singapore resident Nurul Baker must have felt a chill go down his spine when he saw what his housekeeper was doing through his apartment’s CCTV setup.

Baker says the footage, which has since been shared online by All Singapore Stuff, was recorded shortly after his maid got out of the shower on March 23. While there’s nothing unusual about personal hygiene, it’s what she did next that has some Internet users freaked out.

Standing hunched over in the floorspace between the dining area and sofa, the housekeeper can be seen purposefully pointing at some unseen object or being. She momentarily lifts her head, revealing an unsettling countenance, before turning and taking a few steps towards the background. Suddenly, she again points to the empty space to the left of the camera’s field of view, and then sits down on the floor, fiddles with her foot, and eventually collapses onto her back, with her arms splayed at her sides.

“My maid got possessed by ghost in my HDB [Housing and Development Board] flat after she came out of the shower.…Lucky mum and kids were not home,” says Baker of the video. The two most likely explanations for the housekeeper’s behavior, of course, are spiritual possession and rehearsing for a role in a Singaporean remake of a J-horror film, but some who have seen the video have put forward a third theory.

Despite the apartment looking fairly spacious (it’s at least big enough that Baker would rather hire someone to clean the place than handle the task himself), the woman’s erratic behavior all takes place where it can be easily captured by the camera. It’s like she wants to make sure someone sees her, which has led some to speculate that this is a stunt the maid is pulling in hopes that it’ll get her fired from her job.

Creeping your employer out is definitely an effective way of getting terminated from a position, and if nothing else, faking possession is less financially damaging than drinking all the fancy booze your boss keeps in the liquor cabinet, and also much less gross than peeing on the sofa. Still, not being licensed spiritualists ourselves, we can’t completely rule out the possibility that ghosts have taken over the woman’s body, and if so, we’d recommend Baker contact the HDB to find out if the government agency offers exorcisms in addition to the other services it provides.

Sources: Facebook/All Singapore Stuff, Mirror
Featured image: Facebook/All Singapore Stuff
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