For those of you who thought phys-ed class never taught skills valuable in the real world, we bring you the story and footage of one Mr. Li of Zhongshan City, Guangdong.

Upon seeing an infant at a second-story window, the man dashed below and readied himself to make the most important catch of his life.

First we see Li standing with his arms open, not knowing when or if the child will drop. Other onlookers have already piled up cardboard and other materials to try to catch the baby if Li was unsuccessful. Another man named Hu is standing by Li’s side to assist but knew not to get too close for fear of interfering.

Then, although the child is out of the security camera’s frame, we can easily see by the two men’s reactions that the infant has fallen. Li and Hu try to follow the child’s trajectory.


Although Hu got a piece of the youngster and almost made the interception, Li clearly had possession with both feet on the ground: fourth and two at the ramen stand.

Honestly, if I were him, I would have Tebowed and then run around holding the child over my head with one hand while high-fiveing onlookers with the other. Let’s just be glad I wasn’t there.

As we can see in the footage, Li simply hands off the youngster to someone who appears to be the mother. Although only for an instant in the video we can see that the child makes some movements after the catch, which seem to indicate that there were no serious injuries.

Unfortunately, the video doesn’t show what happened to Mr. Li post-catch. We can only hope that all the local women began swooning and falling into his arms while local merchants showered him with beers and Megaburgerpizzas. We can only hope…

Source: Live Leak (English) via Toychan (Japanese)
Video: YouTube – Barack Studios