Just because you like dirty dojinshi doesn’t mean you can’t have a clean room.

Japan takes hospitality seriously. Japan also takes work seriously. So it stands to reason that Japanese hospitality workers are especially dedicated and diligent in performing their jobs.

For an extreme example of this, consider the case of Japanese Twitter user @subaruchen. During a multi-day stay in a hotel, he’d been putting his idle time and hands to use in enjoying some erotic dojinshi indie manga, as is his prerogative while in the privacy of his own room. However, while out and about the next day, he realized he’d left his “reading” material scattered around the room, where it’d be in plain view of the housekeeping staff.

But in dealing with the collections of characters consummating their relationships, the housekeepers proved themselves to be consummate professionals. When @subaruchen returned to his hotel, no one said a word to him about the matter, and upon entering his room, this was the sight that greeted him.


On top of the crisply made bed, his rather extensive travelling collection of erotic dojinshi was stacked in a single tidy pile, with the same sort of nonchalant respect that would have been given to less prurient publications.

But perhaps what’s most impressive about this isn’t the discretion shown by the hotel staff in handling the erotic comics nor the bravery shown in touching the bedsheets that were in the same room. No, the most telling sign of the housekeepers’ thoughtfulness can be seen on the headboard, in the form of a freshly filled tissue container.

Like we said, consummate professionals.

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Source: Jin, Twitter/@subaruchen