It’s time to picnic under the trees and bask in the fleeting moment of beauty.

Nothing says spring in Japan more than the hordes of cherry blossom trees that line rivers, roads, and parks in splendorous shades of pink. Your everyday drive to work, train ride to school, or walk to the store becomes a magical moment of calming beauty because the sakura trees are in full bloom. The citizens of Japan are celebrating the blossoms in all their glory in the best way possible: on Twitter for the rest of the world to enjoy.

● Tokyo

▼ Completely enjoying the filter magic for these shots.

● Kanagawa

▼ Cherry blossoms in Kamakura. History and beauty eternally intertwined.

● Saitama

▼ Though it may not be as well-known, there is plenty of beauty in this prefecture.

▼ It’s easy to enjoy a stadium with sakura peeking through the gaps.

● Gunma

▼ You’re not getting the entire cherry blossom experience without some night viewing.

● Aichi

● Gifu

▼ Imagine walking home and seeing this view.

● Kyoto

▼ You can guarantee the former capital of Japan has some amazing sakura.

▼ Days are infinitely more enjoyable when beginning like this.

▼ Magnificent temples take a backseat to the pink foliage.

● Osaka

▼ You can just leave us here. Thanks!

● Hyogo

▼ The combination of light and dark shades of pink are beautiful.

● Yamaguchi

▼ A perfect picture showing our love of the cherry blossoms


▼ Believe it or not, in the daytime they are just as pink!

● Saga

▼ Don’t forget about Kyushu in our whirlwind tour of sakura

● Kumamoto

▼ Wow. Just…wow.

Many parts of Tohoku and Hokkaido in the northern parts of Japan have yet to reach full blossom, so we can look forward to even more sakura photos in the coming weeks. We’ve said it many times before, but visiting or living in Japan during the cherry blossom season is one of the best times of the year in the country, so be sure to begin planning for next year’s bloom if you can’t make it this year. You definitely won’t be disappointed.

Source: Naver Matome
Featured image: Twitter/@KAGAYA_11949