This year with more boats and more reservation spots!

The cherry blossom season is soon to be upon us in Japan, and that means hanami flower-viewing parties are coming! What better way to salute the effervescent beauty of pink cherry blossoms than to drink under the blooming boughs of a cherry tree with friends?

Of course, why choose one cherry blossom tree when you can cruise under the boughs of hundreds of trees along the Meguro River, one of Tokyo’s most popular–and most gorgeous–cherry blossom spots? Tokyo Waterways Inc. is offering the Meguro River Hanami Cruise from March 18 until April 9, which covers the entire forecasted cherry blossom season.

Meguro River is beautiful to stroll along while the trees are in bloom, but it’s likely even better to boat along. The cherry blossom trees that line either side of the river droop their boughs down over the water, sometimes even touching it. From the boat, you can almost reach out and graze them with your fingers.

Plus, with Tokyo Waterways’ Meguro River Hanami Cruise, that experience comes with a knowledgeable guide who will tell you all about the history and culture behind the blossoms and the area.

Even better, each boat has limited seats, so you can avoid the crowds and still appreciate the beauty of spring. There are two types of boats, but both are completely open with no roof, so you get a perfect 360-degree view of the river and its banks.

You’re also allowed to bring food and drink with you on the boat, so long as it doesn’t disturb the other guests. The cruise lasts about 70 minutes and travels 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) up the Meguro River, from Tennozu Pier in Shinagawa to a pier near Meguro Gajoen, a tangible cultural asset. You can make a whole day of it!

This is a popular hanami option every year, so this year they’ve added more boats and more reservation slots so that even more people can enjoy the beauty of the cherry blossoms from Meguro River. Tickets cost 4,500 yen (US$33.04) for adults and 3,500 for children. Reservations for peak blossom time–the weekend of 25 March–are already going fast, so make sure you book soon if you want to go! You can do so through the Tokyo Waterways official website.

And don’t forget to visit the Tokyo Reserve Roastery in Meguro after for cherry blossom goods to round out your spring sightseeing adventure!

Source: PR Times
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