We try the new sakura Frappuccino from Starbucks Japan【SoraNews24 Taste Test】

The new limited-edition beverage takes its inspiration from a traditional Japanese springtime confection.

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We try the heavenly Starbucks pink latte in Japan 【Taste Test】

It looks like a sakura drink, but it gets its colour from a different blend of ingredients.

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Pretty in pink: Sakura curry available in Japan for a limited time

Not quite ready to say goodbye to the cherry blossoms? Then it’s time to enjoy some sakura curry.

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Adorable Kirby merchandise gets special launch party with custom-made Kirby cupcakes! 【Pics】

Advance sale of super-cute Kirby clothing called for celebration in a Kirby-themed room with cute Kirby cupcakes!

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Spring is in the air! Sakura pictures that will make you wish you were in Japan right now【Photos】

It’s time to picnic under the trees and bask in the fleeting moment of beauty.

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Super Barbie fan has spent over $67,000 on products, clothes and accessories【Video】

Needless to say pink is the major color motif for all the goods.

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We head to KFC in China to chow down on a pretty pink rose-flavoured burger【Taste test】

Here at RocketNews24, we’ll eat pretty much anything. But we especially love wrapping our smackers around limited edition burgers in a variety of hues and consistencies. We’ve eaten black burgers, red burgers, sloppy burgers, and crusty burgers, but what our little lives have been missing all this time is a pretty pink burger! Luckily KFC China has complied with our wishes and rolled out their brand-new rose flavoured chicken burger.

We sent our lucky reporter Meg all the way to China just to try one of these fancy and feminine chicken sammidges.

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Ehime Prefecture’s new women’s prison decorated powder pink “to relieve feelings of oppression”

In Japan, there are currently 3,440 female inmates confined to seven correctional facilities which all together are built to hold 3,342 women. These statistics come from a spokesperson for the newly opened Saijo branch of Matsuyama Prison, which was built to address this overcrowding problem.

The new prison reportedly offers various facilities and services to cater to women’s needs, but most striking by far are the doors, barred windows and furniture all over the penitentiary, which appear to have been painted a soft pink color, as if to remind the inmates that they’re ladies first and convicted criminals second.

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Akihabara fans vote for favorite pink-haired heroine

A recent poll was conducted on the streets of Akihabara to see which pink-haired anime heroine is the best. Pink-haired characters have gotten a bad rep among otaku on the internet where the phrase “Inran Pinku” (lit. Slutty Pink) is thrown around. Apparently, pink-haired characters are seen as promiscuous, so the question was are there any likeable and “pure” pink-haired anime girls? Here are the answers according to 100 fans:

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