East-meets-West artist Tik Ka wonders what Super World Fighter IV might look like.

It’s hard to look at the precarious state of the world and not worry if we are one catastrophic event away from imminent doom. But that’s why we have plenty of things to distract us, such as Hong Kong artist Tik Ka’s wonderful interpretations of Western culture with an Eastern flair.

He always seems to have an interesting way of depicting powerful characters in a unique setting. Take his latest set of artwork that throws world leaders into a no holds barred fighting championship that would determine Earth supremacy. In his own words, “Leaders, if you want to fight, just fight on your own. Do not put innocents’ lives into your selfish battle.”

These works mix Tik Ka’s normal style with Capcom’s Street Fighter IV-like character design, which results in a beautiful set of fighting characters (each beautiful in their own way) just waiting to step into the video game ring.

▼ Sun Yat-sen is ready to do what it takes to achieve universal harmony.

▼ Xi Jinping brings the fire.

▼ Trump hiding his hands in big boxing gloves.

▼ Putin shirtless, naturally.

▼ Kim Jong-un from North Korea “launching” the nuclear arsenal.

▼ Castro sees the missile and decides to bring a knife.

▼ This British royalty seems to live forever.

▼ Mao is ready to crush it…the sun that is.

▼ Gandhi might put his non-violent, peaceful protest on hold.

▼ Overall…Saddam is ready to rumble.

▼ Going back several decades, we come to Emperor Hirohito.

▼ With muscular Barack Obama, hope springs eternal.

Spectacular as always, Tik Ka manages to capture each world leader with their toughest fighting face on. If you enjoy his work, be sure to check out his Facebook page for updates, but if you are looking for recommendations, might we suggest, comic book heroes, corporation mascots, horror staples, or classic Star Wars characters.

Featured image: Facebook/Tik Ka from East