marvel 3

Everyone is getting a new yet ancient suit, in Captain America: Bromance of the Three Kingdoms.

It’s been a real cinematic treat for comic book fans in recent years as movies in this genre have turned the corner and gone from terrible to terrific. Led by Marvel, their cinematic universe has driven regular movie goers and superhero aficionados alike to grab a bag of popcorn and head to the theaters. The next big superhero movie is the highly anticipated Captain America: Civil War, but as this will be the fifth movie to star Steve Rogers in some way, it’d be nice to see him and his buddies in a different form.

Luckily, our friendly artist Tik Ka has been hard at work since his gorgeous Star Wars greeting cards to give us a taste of how the Marvel heroes would be dressed if they starred in a Chinese opera. The results are classically Tik Ka, cute as well as creative!

▼ Captain America

▼ Iron Man

▼ War Machine

▼ Thor

▼ Vision

▼ Hawkeye

▼ Spider-Man

▼ Ant Man

▼ Falcon

▼ Black Panther

▼ Black Widow

▼ Scarlet Witch

▼ Winter Soldier

▼ Hulk

▼ Deadpool

If Marvel wanted to put out an Avengers Assemble comic in this style, we definitely wouldn’t be against the idea. Be sure to check out more of Tik Ka’s art on his Facebook page as he’s always got a fun new picture or 15 to make it worth your while.

Top image: Facebook/Tik Ka 迪嘉 (edited by RocketNews24)