west art 2

Fantastic artist gives us a glimpse at Chinese advertising from early times.

Tik Ka is back with playful representations of iconic Western brands and characters in a historically Eastern style. This time he’s produced a series of “East meets West” images and he definitely nailed it. We bet that these “advertisements” wouldn’t look out-of-place on some ancient subway platform.

▼ Ronald McDonald and his gang is here, with Buddha Grimace and flying Hamburgaler to boot!

▼ You don’t need Tony the Tiger to tell us these are “grrrrrreat!”

▼ Not so much the Colonel, but a wise, old sage. Wait…sage! Is that in the secret ingredient?!?

▼ Chuck E. Cheese is ready to bring the party to all the good boys and girls!

▼ We’d be willing to buy our coffee from this version of Starbucks

▼ How can you not love M&M’s even more?!?

▼ Wendy is clutching her restaurant’s signature square burger…or is she???

▼ Even in ancient times, there was always time for Coca Cola.

▼ Mr. Planter’s peanut took off his monocle and completely transformed.

▼ Finally, a Michelin Man we’re not terrified of.

Tik Ka is still adding to his latest collection, so be sure to continually check his Facebook page for more of these amazing mashups! Be sure to let us know which one was your favorite in the comments below.

Source & images: Facebook/Tik Ka from East