Usually, when someone says they have a train room in their home, it’s filled with models, but this guy decided to rebuild an actual train carriage inside his house!

Japanese Twitter user @igaigaadjmadjml is an unabashed train fan. Browse through the pictures he’s shared online, and you’ll see photo after photo of various types of trains passing by beautiful backdrops of natural scenery all over Japan.

Because of that, at first there might not seem to be anything noteworthy about this snapshot.

Sure, it’s a nice enough photo of a carriage interior, but there’s nothing particularly special about it…at least not at first glance. Take a closer look at the window in the center of the door, and you’ll see that there’s no passenger car on the other side.

But wait, the back wall of the rear car of a train isn’t supposed to have a hand-operated door in the middle of it, right? If it did, people could just stop right off the back of the train as it’s moving, whether on purpose or by accident. The setup shown in the photo presents no passenger safety issue, however, because this train never has passengers, on account of it never moving, because it’s actually a room on the second floor of @igaigaadjmadjml’s house!

What you’re seeing through the window is the interior wall of one of the rooms. That’s probably hard for many people to believe, though, so @igaigaadjmadjml tweeted two more photos, this time showing the train room as a work-in-progress.

While he’s obviously quite good with his hands, @igaigaadjmadjml didn’t fabricate the necessary parts himself. Instead, he makes a habit of going to events that are held when a train carriage is being taken out of service. At these special events, rail fans are allowed to take home any parts they peel off the carriage before it’s sent to the scrap heap, and that’s where @igaigaadjmadjml assembles his extremely unusual interior decorations. His attention to detail is astounding, as he even makes sure the floor and ceiling of his special room are train-spec.

Even in a country that boasts legions of passionate rail fans, it takes a certain kind of individual to do something like this. One commenter went so far as to say “Forgive me for saying this, but going this far makes me think there’s something wrong with you in the head. I mean that in a good way. An ordinary person wouldn’t be able to see something like this through.”

@igaigaadjmadjml’s response?

“Thank you for paying me the ultimate compliment.”

Because hey, when you’re this crazy, all you can do is own your over-the-top passion.

Source: IT Media, Twitter/@igaigaadjmadjml

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