These flavors are only available in Taiwan and Okinawa for a limited time!

Starting April 18, two limited-time Doritos tortilla chip flavors will be available at Family Mart convenience stores throughout the island of Okinawa. The new chip flavors have already been on sale at Family Mart stores in Taiwan.

Since 2014, Family Mart Okinawa has jointly developed products with Family Mart Taiwan. This time, the convenience store chain in both locations is bringing wasabi soy sauce (wasabi shoyu) and octopus dumpling sauce (takoyaki so-su) flavors to their customers. In Okinawa, the 90-gram (3.17-ounce) bags are being sold for 213 yen (US$1.96) each.

Image: Okinawa Family Mart (edited by RocketNews24)

Doritos is combining their standard tortilla chip crunch with more traditional Japanese flavors, bringing us a salty-spicy combination of soy sauce with a hot punch of wasabi. The second flavor, takoyaki sauce, brings a flavor most known in the Kansai region of Japan – specifically Osaka – where takoyaki (often called octopus balls or octopus dumplings in English) originates from. The doughy balls, once cooked, are topped with mayonnaise, dried bonito fish flakes, seaweed flakes, and the savory takoyaki sauce, which has a salty, tangy flavor that’s sure to make a great taste combination with Doritos’ corn tortilla chips.

While these sadly aren’t available on the Japanese mainland, there are plenty of other tasty and strange flavors to choose from to satisfy any craving!

Source: Okinawa Family Mart via Ryukyu Shimpo
Top image: Okinawa Family Mart (edited by RocketNews24)