Tokyo’s grossest and most stoic commuters end up siting across from each other.

Tokyo Metro’s Yurakucho subway line connects the residential areas of Wako and Shin Kiba with the downtown districts of Ikebukuro, Iidabashi, and Ginza. It’s largely a commuter line, which means that while it’s convenient and punctual its trains don’t have the amenities you’ll find on long-haul express trains like the Shinkansen. There’re no reserved seats, nor any uniformed vendors pushing carts of beer and bento boxed lunches down the center aisle.

There are also no bathrooms onboard Yurakucho Line trains. Well, at least not in the traditional sense of “enclosed spaces with toilets.” However, one passenger recently proved that with some determination, and not much inhibition, anywhere can be a bathroom, as he took a runny dump on the carriage floor, in full view of the other passengers.

▼ Please enjoy this picture of melted chocolate, and be forewarned that the next photo of a semi-liquified brown substance will indeed be poo.

Bartender, college student, and Twitter user @DECADE10KENN recently tweeted a photograph, taken from inside the train, in which a man has an entire seven-seat bench to himself…and with good reason, as he’s dropped a richly colored load of human excrement.

As a tiny bit of saving grace, he looks to have had the wherewithal to slide his pants down to his knees, thereby sparing the garment, and he’s leaning on his outstretched right arm, either to steady himself as the train sways, or to brace himself against the violent shaking of his intestinal endeavor.

Attention-demanding as the turd may be, there’s actually a lot of other noteworthy stuff happening in the photo. Note, for example, the way the passenger sitting directly in front of the guy who just dropped a deuce remains stoically seated with his arms crossed, seemingly thinking, “Yeah, that guy just dropped a load of butthole brownie mix, but I’ve had a long day, and I don’t feel like standing.” Then there’s the fact that while this car seems to have lots of empty space, the one in the background is so packed there’s a line to get into it, like it’s a hot new club with a special Thursday night “two-for-one cocktails and no poo on the floor” special.

▼ Someone also pointed out that these girls look to be on their way home from Tokyo Disneyland, and have suddenly gone “from heaven to hell.”

And proving that some hard-core anime fans aren’t interested in looking at anything that’s not animation-related, another commenter thanked @DECADE10KENN for letting him know there’s a new Naruto stage play.

Making the whole thing extra strange is that as a commuter line, stations on the Yurakucho Line are only a few minutes apart from each other, and the line passes through developed enough neighborhoods that each station has toilet facilities should you feel the need to hop off for a bathroom break before reaching your final destination. So while extra-spicy curry is a common culprit in emergency excrement expulsion, we’re guessing alcohol might have been involved with this unusual pooping venue, which would be sadly ironic, considering that the floor of the train is also where drunken rail passengers themselves sometimes end up.

Source: Twitter/@DECADE10KENN via Breaking News Japan, Hachima Kiko
Top image: Wikipedia/Toshinori baba
Insert images: Pakutaso