Fan artist clothes one of anime’s top idols in two dresses…or did he?

In recent years, two questions that have prompted plenty of Internet vitriol are “Is that dress blue and black or white and gold?” and “Who’s best girl in idol anime Love Live!?”

Japanese artist and Twitter user @pummeluff39’s answer to the second question seems to be Nico Yazawa, since she’s the subject of a recent piece of fan art her drew. As for his stance on the decisive dress, that’s unknown, but he’s definitely aware of the debate, given the wardrobe choices in his illustration.

A large part of the reason for the original dress debate was the intense backlighting of the photo, which made it hard to tell to what extent the photo’s colors were being washed out. With the complete visual control of illustration, though, it’s easy to arrive at absolute answers. The Nico on the left in the illustration is definitely wearing a black-and-blue dress, while the Nico on the right has donned a white-and-yellow number. It’s a clear of two differing color schemes.

Well, except for in the two rectangles that appear on the left half of each anime idol’s body. It turns out that within those areas, their dresses are exactly the same color.

▼ The proof is in the playing (of the video).

Isolating a piece of the section of the dress within a rectangle and dragging it to the same spot on the other Nico reveals that they’re made up of identically colored pixels. It’s further proof that, when someone on the Internet asks you to guess what color something is, there’s a pretty good chance it’s gray.

With that matter settled, we can all get back to debating which Love Live! idol is the most deserving of our love (it’s Umi, right?),

Source: IT Media, Twitter/@pummeluff39

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