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Because why stop at wearing your love for you favorite character on your sleeve, when you can wear it on your whole body?

Even among anime fans in Japan, the Love Livers, as hardcore supporters of high school idol series Love Live! are called, have a reputation for being especially hardcore. Their dedication to the franchise’s charismatic cast has resulted in a constant flow of merchandise, and any proper Love Liver will have purchased a plethora of pins, posters, and plushies.

The Love Livers tend to be an enthusiastic and outspoken bunch under normal circumstances, so when they gathered en masse at Tokyo Dome for what was being promoted as the “final” concert for the anime’s vocal cast, being surrounded by so many fellow fans meant no one was feeling the need to hide his admiration of his personal best girl. And rather than leave all of their Love Live! merch at home, some fans decided to bring a sizeable chunk of their collection with them…by wearing it.

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With so many Love Live! trinkets on the market, you can find something in just about any shape or size, and each girl having a commonly associated image color means you can find several items in the same shade. As a result, if you buy enough Love Live! stuff, it’s actually not too hard to use it as material for an entire outfit.

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On the other end of the spectrum, some fans opted for a less cumbersome wardrobe, donning long coats of the style most commonly associated with violent street gangs in Japan, but decked out with the names and images of Love Live! girls instead.

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Because sometimes it takes more than a T-shirt to broadcast the fact that you’re a true fan.

Source: Wadai no Gazo
Images: Twitter/@krnk_makirin