Designers create wedding dresses for four of the anime/manga’s lovely ladies, and you can wear them too.

As once-in-a-lifetime attire, wedding dresses are meant to stand out and create an aura that’s beautiful and enchanting. It’s not uncommon for brides-to-be to pick out a gown they hope will make them look like a fairy-tale princess, but one Japanese dressmaker is instead offering wedding dresses fit for anime pirates.

Japanese wedding planning organization Placole Wedding has created a set of four bridal gowns designed with the question “What sort of dresses would we design for four prominent female members of the One Piece cast?” Obviously, first on the list was Straw Hat Pirate navigator Nami.

The vibrant color is a nod to Nami’s love of oranges and sunny personality, and the off-shoulder gown also incorporates and encircling string of decorative cloth orange blossoms.

Next is Nami’s shipmate Robin, whose dress goes in the opposite direction with full-length sleeves (though they can be removed if you prefer less coverage).

For Nami, a dark navy base with black and white accents was chosen to reflect her cool and complex personality, accompanied by a belt-like section of embroidered flowers.

One Piece royalty is also represented with a dress for Vivi.

The princess of Alabasta’s gown is the same eye-catching sky blue as her hair, and resplendent with gold accents befitting her regal status as well as a broad, cape-like veil adorned with Swarovski crystals.

Finally, we come to Perona’s gown.

As with Vivi’s dress, the Ghost Princess’ features the pastel pink of the character’s hair, mixed with billowing organdy folds of black and purple.

Though they’re anime-inspired, these are legitimate wedding gowns, not hastily put-together cosplay outfits, and so are priced accordingly. The Nami, Vivi, and Perona dresses will be offered for 328,000 yen (US$3,120), while Robin’s will require a slightly larger pile of treasure at 338,000 yen. All four designs go on sale January 4 and can be ordered through Placole Wedding’s website here.

Source: Placole, PR Times via Nijimen
Images: Placole
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