This innovative new collection includes kimono that look great with jeans and tops too.

One of the great things about a Japanese summer is the chance to enjoy a night out at one of the many festivals around the country. And when you’re out gazing at the fireworks or walking through the stalls of a traditional festival, there’s no better way to get into the spirit of things than by donning a yukata summer kimono.

Not only does it look beautiful; it’s practical too, with the light cotton material and airy design keeping you cool in the summer heat. But now there’s a brand new way to wear a yukata, thanks to an innovative collection from clothing retail chain Cayhane, which separates the traditional one-piece into two different garments.

With the top and bottom now separate, this new style of yukata opens up a whole range of possibilities for the traditional garment.

As a skirt, it looks similar to a sarong, and can be worn with T-shirts, blouses, singlets and any other type of top that takes your fancy.

The top, which ties up easily on the sides, can also be worn with jeans and pants, creating a modern look when pulled together with a traditional obi waist sash.

Of course, the yukata can be worn in the traditional way too. Now that the top and bottom are separate, it actually makes it easier to put on, as there’s no longer any need to make a fold at the waistline to adjust the length of the garment.

The obi waist sash covers the middle section, bringing the look together in an instant.

▼ To complete the look, Cayhane also have a range of wood sandals.

▼ And there are designs for men and children too.

With more than 15 styles to choose from, there’s bound to be a colour and pattern to fit into your existing wardrobe. Each design retails for 6,800 yen (US$62) and can be purchased at Cayhane stores around the country or online.

Images: PR Times
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