An idol’s got to do what an idol’s goat to do.

Japanese idol groups come in all shapes and sizes, like the group who “fell from heaven” or the Okinawan idol group whose average age was 84 years old. It seems that anything is possible with idol groups, but even we couldn’t foresee this.

*ChocoLate Bomb!, an idol group managed by Johnny’s Entertainment, announced that their new and limited-time member Shiropen would be featured on their upcoming single “LOVE ME DO ~Doko ni mo Iccha Dame~”, due to be released on June 24. However, Shiropen isn’t your average member; he’s not even human. You’ve probably guessed by the title already, but he’s actually a goat.

▼ Even the members have goat ears on? You’ve goat to be kidding me.

Shiropen’s addition to *ChocoLate Bomb!’s new single is his own billy-goat voice accent. If you want to hear it for yourself, you’ll have to attend one of the group’s shows or visit their online shop, as the single won’t be available in all stores nationwide.

Want to know more about Shiropen? He was raised in Tokyo’s Shitamachi area, and you may be surprised to know that he’s already famous in a way. He got his big break when his owner took pictures of him wearing costumes and in cosplay and uploaded them to Instagram (@mitarou3). Since then, he’s made numerous appearances on Japanese television and is known nationwide as Japan’s “ikemen” mini goat.

▼ We’d probably take this over the real Santa Claus, honestly.

On Instagram, Shiropen’s addition to the idol group was met with much support and a little surprise.

“Shiropen, this is amazing! I wonder if I’ll be able to hear your voice. I think you’ll have a looong line at handshake events!”
“Congratulations on your debut! Let’s go for a walk sometime.”
“Shiropen is the handsomest!”
“I…I can’t believe this is happening.”

We can’t say for sure how long Shiropen will remain a member of *ChocoLate Bomb!, so if you want to see him, you can check out the events he’ll be appearing at on Twitter (@shiropen). Fingers crossed that we can get a bottle of his bathwater.

Sources: PR Times, Instagram/@mitarou3, Twitter/@shiropen
Images: PR Times
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