Blue skies over the city made for some unmatched scenery!

While images of temples and shrines (and matcha!) generally come to people’s minds when they think of Kyoto, Japan’s historic capital, the Kamogawa River is also an important part of the city. It runs right through town, and draws many spectators to its banks in the spring, when the beautiful cherry blossoms that line the river are in bloom over the water. All throughout the year too you can find people jogging, biking, or simply taking a stroll along the riverside paths, with musicians practicing their instruments, restaurants offering outdoor terrace seating over the water, and people just hanging out and enjoying the peaceful scenery that the river provides.

The Kamogawa isn’t a particularly wide river, nor is it very deep, but it has a way of reflecting the skies that makes it all the more magical to look at, and that’s exactly what photographer @usalica captured the other day on a particularly sunny day in Kyoto.

“The Kamogawa was ridiculously beautiful today. The reflections were amazing. Took a rare iPhone shot.”

Despite it technically being in “rainy season” right now, Kyoto at least has been enjoying some unusually sunny yet cool weather, perfect for capturing bright blue skies and fluffy white clouds reflecting off the river. @usalica’s photos contrast the bright blues with the bright greenery of the riverside vegetation and the various colors of the homes and restaurants built along the river’s edge.

It’s no secret that Kyoto has no shortage of photogenic spots and things to see, and if you’d like to see more, @usalica definitely has a knack for showing all the beauty that the city holds, so follow their Instagram too for more vibrant and mystical shots!

Source, featured image: Twitter/@usalica