Yes, of course it’s made with breast meat.

Tenka Torimasu is a chain of take-out restaurants with a half-dozen branches in Tokyo (and a few more elsewhere in Japan) that specializes in karaage, boneless chunks of Japanese-style fried chicken. While fried chicken is plenty delicious all by itself, Tenka Torimasu sweetens the deal by offering a huge variety of sauces, such as wasabi mayonnaise, sweet chili, and cheese curry, and Japanese plum.

While any of those make for a flavorful, filling snack, as of this month Tanka Torimasu is adding a healthy dose of bizarreness to its ingredient mix by launching a new sauce flavor: girl’s sweat.

But Tenka Torimasu doesn’t expect customers to line up to taste just any random girl’s sweat. This sauce is designed to replicate the “refreshing” sweat excreted by young ladies working hard to become successful idol singers. Specifically, it’s modeled after the sweat of the members of idol group Kamen Joshi, who’re known for performing while wearing Friday the 13th-style hockey masks, as though Jason Voorhees ran out of people to slaughter  in Crystal Lake and decided to change his hunting grounds to Akihabara instead.

Kamen Joshi member Anna Tachibana, pictured above, says that this is “the birth of the karaage people have been dreaming about.” Having experimented with using human sweat as a seasoning ourselves, we’d argue that it’s closer to the stuff of nightmares. But take heart, because while Tenka Torimasu’s girl’s sweat karaage merely draws inspiration from perspiration, and doesn’t contain any actual sweat. Instead, the sauce is a mix of salt, lemon juice, and cheese.

That mix of salty and tangy flavors doesn’t sound all that bad, actually (although if your actual sweat smells like cheese, you should probably see a doctor). Girl’s sweat karaage is on sale at Tenka Torimasu now for 400 yen (US$3.60), and will be available until October 31.

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Source: Narinari via Jin, PR Wire
Images: PR Wire