Showing her photos of events he claims to have managed backfires spectacularly.

Tokyo is the center of Japan’s fashion and entertainment industries, and while some stars are born through audition processes, others are found by people-watching “scouts” who hang out in trendy neighborhoods, scan the crowds for beautiful people with some sort of visible X factor, and approach them with an offer to join their talent agency.

However, one self-professed scout probably would have thought twice before going up to Yuki Hashimoto, if he’d known a little more about her.

▼ Yuki Hashimoto

Sure, the 27-year-old Hashimoto is an extremely photogenic young lady, but…well, we’ll let her explain what happened.

“I was at the station when this super-sketchy scout, or maybe a guy selling something, came up and started talking to me. He wouldn’t leave me alone and kept following me, saying ‘I organize events like this’ while showing me an event website, but there were a ton of pictures of Kamen Joshi so I busted up laughing.”

Kamen Joshi literally translates to “Mask Girls,” and true to their name, the idol singer unit often performs in Friday the 13th-style hockey masks, mixing traditional perky idol antics with horror overtones.

We, of course, are long-time fans.

However, Hashimoto wasn’t laughing because of the scout trying to recruit her with promises of such offbeat stardom, but because one of the masked idols in the photos the man was showing her was…Hashimoto herself. See, it wasn’t all that long ago that Yuki Hashimoto went by Yuki Sakura, the idol stage name she used as a member of Alice Juban, one of the groups that teamed up to form Kamen Joshi.

“I should have told him ‘This girl in the photo is me…’”

And that’s actually not even the only reason trying to scout Hashimoto off the street probably wasn’t going to end in success. The second is that she’s got a full-time job these days as a politician, having been elected to the Shibuya ward council in 2019.

▼ Hashimoto on her way home from a meeting administering one of Japan’s most populous communities.

So yeah, while the scout apparently does have an eye for spotting star power, he was also several years too late.

Source: Twitter/@yuki_12hsm via Livedoor News/Nikkan Sports via Jin
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