Regional dish gets its very own Pepsi for a limited time.

Last year, Pepsi surprised everyone around the world when it released a brand new Pepsi Zero in Japan, specifically for drinking with karaage (Japanese fried chicken).

The “Pepsi Zero Karaage Senyo Cola” (“Pepsi Zero Cola Exclusively for Fried Chicken“) was designed to cut through the oiliness of fried chicken and refresh the palate in a better way than other types of Pepsi on the market.

▼ The Karaage Senyo Cola

When we tried it, we were surprised to find that the specially designed Pepsi did actually deliver on its promise, with less sweetness and a sharper tang working to wash away any remnants of oiliness on the tongue.

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What we didn’t realise, though, was this was just the start of Pepsi’s foray into fried chicken pairings, because Japan is a country of regional specialties, and depending on where you are in the country, not all fried chicken is made the same.

Take Japan’s northernmost prefecture of Hokkaido, for example. Up there, you can find karaage on the menu, seeing as it’s a standard Japanese dish, but you’ll also come across a different type of fried chicken called “zangi”.

Zangi differs from karaage as the meat and the potato starch-and-flour batter are marinated together with soy sauce and ginger before being fried. Karaage, on the other hand, is simply coated in potato starch-and-flour batter and then fried, resulting in a less thick and flavourful chicken piece.

▼ Due to the marination, Zangi (below) is larger and stronger in flavour than karaage, and has a darker coating.

To help appeal to the regional market, Pepsi is now giving Hokkaido its very own Pepsi, called “Pepsi Zero Zangi Senyo Cola” (“Pepsi Zero Cola Exclusively for Zangi“).

The new beverage is said to be similar to the Pepsi made for karaage, however, the aroma and sweetness has been modified “to bring out the flavour of zangi”.

▼ Like the previous Pepsi, this new one also contains dietary fibre to reduce the oiliness of fried chicken.

The Pepsi for Zangi will be available for a limited time from 25 April, at a recommended retail price of 160 yen (US$1.19). It will only be sold in Hokkaido, though, which is a good incentive to travel up there, and visit Harvester Yakumo, a fried chicken restaurant inspired by the Colonel from KFC, while you’re there!

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