Tie-up with the country’s top ramen chain fuses two comfort foods together for a limited time.

When it comes to comfort foods in Japan, pizza and ramen are two foods that come to mind for many, so the opportunity to enjoy both at the same time is the stuff of dreams. Now those dreams are set to come true for a limited time, thanks to Pizza Hut’s newest menu item — the Kotteri-fuu Ramen Pizza.

▼ Kotteri-fuu Ramen Pizza (“コッテリ風ラーメンピザ”)

“Kotteri-fuu” means “thick style”, which is in reference to the thick and rich “kotteri” broth served up at Tenka Ippin, a ramen restaurant with 50 years of history that’s been ranked number one in popularity polls. The chain’s signature thick broth, which is a large part of its appeal with fans, sets this pizza apart from all the others on the market, with a generous amount of it used in the topping.

Tenka Ippin’s creamy broth, made from chicken bones and over a dozen different vegetables, would normally soak through a dough base, so Pizza Hut worked with the ramen chain to make it more viscous, giving it a sauce-like texture without changing the taste or aroma.

▼ While the pizza is already slathered in the sauce, customers will receive an extra sachet of it on the side, so they can boost the flavour to their liking.

Diehard Tenka Ippin fans will no doubt appreciate the option to add more of the irresistible broth flavour to the pizza, and they’ll be happy to know that familiar ramen ingredients like green onions and chashu pork are included in the toppings to further replicate the sensation of eating noodles.

▼ Like a bowl of noodles, only with dough and cheese.

Of course, the highlight of the new pizza is the noodles, and though it was a challenge to preserve their texture while adding them to the topping, by choosing crispy dough they were able to successfully combine the ingredients. Pizza Hut informs us that the mouthwatering image below is for illustrative purposes only, though, as the noodles don’t stretch.

▼ Still, there’s nothing stopping you from cooking up some noodles on the side and holding them above the pizza to recreate this look.

According to Pizza Hut, this new product took half a year to perfect, and it was born from the company’s TikTok video initiative, which aims to blow people’s minds with creations that are in line with their slogan, “Always more than you can imagine“. This is the third pizza created for the project, which began in 2023 as a way to update the chain’s image for its 50th anniversary year in Japan, with the first being the Too Much Coriander Pizza and the second being the Weiner Coffee Pizza.

As the names of these pizzas suggest, this campaign is all about creating a buzz on social media with innovative and surprising ingredient combinations that create debate and garner mixed reviews from the public. The chain’s first two pizzas proved to be very popular, with sales for the coriander-laden pizza extended due to demand, so we have high hopes that the new Ramen Pizza will become just as sought after.

Sold in a medium size, priced at 1,980 yen (US$13.40) for pickup or 2,230 yen for delivery, the Ramen Pizza will be available at Pizza Hut branches around Japan from 22 January to 12 February.

Source: PR Times
Featured image: PR Times
Insert images: Pizza Hut, PR Times

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