Piko Taro shows that making a girl laugh apparently is the surest way to win her heart.

It’s been a very, very eventful 12 months for Japanese comedian Daimaou Kosaka, better known as his alter ego Piko Taro. A year ago, he was only a minor celebrity in Japan, and completely unknown overseas, but all that changed with the release of his worldwide hit song “Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen.”

Since then, the “PPAP” singer has achieved international fame, resulting in high-profile creative collaborations with recording artists Psy and Justin Bieber, as well as the Death Note anime franchise. But now he’s entered into another significant partnership, as the 44-year-old Kosaka has married model and media personality Hitomi Yasueda.

The 29-year-old Yasueda is 15 years Kosaka’s junior, and has a background in Japan’s gravure/swimsuit modeling industry. The pair registered their marriage on August 3, or 8-3, since together the numerals 8 and 3 can be read as “Yassan,” the nickname by which Yasueda’s new husband calls her.

Some hardcore fans may be especially surprised by the news, as Piko Taro has previously made multiple mentions of his wife Tami. Piko Taro has described her as a 78-year-old woman whom he met in a hospital restroom, and who has teeth like a pirhanna’s.

▼ Yasueda’s smile is, we’re guessing, much easier on the eyes.

However, while Daimaou Kosaka and Piko Taro inhabit the same body, Kosaka insists that they are two different people, and Piko Taro’s in-character references to his matrimonial union with Tami are just part of his act.

Speaking of physical appearances, and doing so diplomatically, it begs mentioning that Kosaka, at least in his public appearances as Piko Taro, is not a classically handsome man. As such, some might be tempted to accuse Yasueda of using her looks to get her hooks into the older Kosaka and ride the coattails of his recent success.

However, the couple had actually been dating for four years before tying the knot, having met on a television program they both appeared on while Kosaka was still struggling to find an audience for his unique comedic style. “I was attracted to the kindness, earnestness, sadness, and strength of spirit that she showed when we talked, chatted, and had conversations,” says Kosaka, whose infatuation apparently comes with a side of redundancy. And considering that Kosaka claims to have not made a single yen off of “PPAP’s” popularity, it doesn’t seem money was a factor in the marriage either.

Here’s wishing the newlyweds all the best, and given Kosaka’s professed lack of funds, he might want to consider a reasonably priced restaurant for their reception.

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Source: Yahoo! News Japan/Sports Hochi via Jin
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