Dreams came true last night when Piko Taro met the President of the United States.

In a whirlwind two-night visit to Japan, President Trump ate a hamburger, played golf with Prime Minister Abe, who fell into a bunker, and met a large number of dignitaries, including the Japanese Emperor.

While the world’s media watched his every move, one of the president’s most hotly anticipated meetings went under the radar, but fortunately for us, the person meeting up with Trump was so excited by the honour that he shared it online for the whole world to see. Of course, the person we’re talking about is Piko Taro, the Japanese performer who drove the world crazy with his 2016 viral hit Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen.

Last year, Donald Trump’s granddaughter displayed her love for Piko Taro’s song about fruit and stationery.

It may have been this Trump connection that led to last month’s announcement that Piko Taro would be invited to an official dinner with the U.S. President, the Japanese Prime Minister and other important guests on 6 November. Nobody seemed more surprised at the invitation than the 44-year-old singer himself, who was clearly thrilled when the time came to meet the U.S. President.

▼ Piko Taro shared this video showing the entrance of Trump and Abe with their wives at the official dinner.

Piko Taro’s shocked-face emojis said it all, as he posted these photos from their meeting on his Facebook account. Trump grinned from ear to ear when he met the Japanese star, who was dressed in a formal version of his signature leopard-print outfit.

Piko Taro’s self-effacing humour shone through in his posts throughout the evening, with comments like “Bigwigs all over the place…Piko Taro is completely exhausted!”

Piko Taro also rubbed shoulders with Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso and Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga, sending out crying emojis to let everyone know he could hardly believe he was meeting all these important people.

While President Trump was the guest of honour for the evening, Piko Taro stole some of the limelight with guests eager to have their photo taken with him.

Piko Taro won everyone’s hearts with this final tweet from the evening, saying “I have had a very valuable experience in my life today. Also, I just make fun music. And I want to deliver a small smile to everyone.”

And that’s exactly what Piko Taro is all about. Love him or hate him, all he wants to do is make everyone smile.

Source: Twitter/@pikotaro_ppap
Featured image: Twitter/@pikotaro_ppap