People in Japan can’t tear their eyes away from this beauty’s incredibly long pins.

Pretty much everyone has a social media account these days, which means sharing photos with people from all around the world has never been easier. When you’re a model with a desire to become known internationally, platforms like Instagram and Facebook are great ways to get your images out there and help you stand out from the rest of the fashionable crowd, and one model who’s currently doing just that is Taiwanese beauty Candice, who prides herself on one particular feature: her incredibly long legs.

When Japanese fans saw Candice dressed as an “OL” office lady, they immediately fell in love with her, heaping praise on the beauty and sharing photos of her with friends online.

And just in case they missed her the first time around, Candice was sure to grab everyone’s attention with this photo of herself in a Sailor Moon-style Japanese sailor suit school uniform.

▼ Whether she’s dressed in traditional outfits…

▼ Mini skirts…

▼ Or swimsuits…

海總能洗滌所有煩惱😙 #北海岸一日遊 #石門老梅綠石槽

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One thing that stands out is Candice’s long, long legs. Measuring an impressive 110 centimetres (43 inches) in length, her pins make up about 64 percent of her total 173-centimetre height.


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Candice takes her job seriously, working out to keep in shape and looking after her skin by keeping hydrated with lots of water and fresh juices.


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And while her long legs make her the perfect jeans model, she’s got the good looks to promote all sorts of beauty products too.


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最近不管去哪都有快蒸發的感覺 每次外出再回辦公室整個虛脫😭 臉超容易脫妝好崩潰啊… 每次要補妝都很難再把粉壓上去 此刻有保濕噴霧根本是大救星啊😂😂😂 這瓶以化妝水為基底的噴霧比一般的絲瓜水還有感!!! 噴完後對肌膚很是滋潤❤️❤️❤️ 無論眼妝或膚色不均都很容易再蓋上去 自己用了一個多月 完全是地表最強的補妝神器阿 (心花怒放) 其實除了跑外面容易出油外 常久坐辦公室也很容易被冷氣吹得乾燥 缺水 我覺得無論男生女生都該好好保養臉蛋~ 畢竟把自己打點好 看起來也更有精神!!!🤣 這瓶是Neogence的植萃品牌 Botanic.tw博丹時萃推出的 鼠尾草萃取加上冰河水的清涼 很天然用得更放心 我特愛它清新淡淡的香味❤️ 很有夏天的感覺 男生不會保養的話 我可以來教教大家怎麼噴喔😘 想多了解的看這兒👉 #可以用我的折扣碼Candice 現折百元

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With more than 50,000 followers from around the world on her Instagram account, the future looks bright for this Taiwanese model.


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To keep up to date with Candice’s latest photos, be sure to check out her Instagram and Facebook accounts. As it turns out, there’s a lot of beauty to be found in Taiwan, including in dental offices too!

Featured image: Instagram/candice0723