Only the biggest names go to the hottest music award show of the year.

Piko Taro and PPAP are mega-famous around the world. Not has the 46-second song been viewed over 14 million times on YouTube, but it’s been officially recognized by the Billboard 100 as the shortest song to make it on the charts. That’s no small feat for a middle-aged Japanese man who just wanted to sing about his prefecture’s most well-known crop (apples).

Now, in what is perhaps the most exciting event for any musician or someone in the music biz, Piko Taro is headed to the “City of Angels” for the 59th Annual Grammy Awards show on February 12, 2017. He will be among singing superstars such as Beyonce, Adele, Metallica, and Bruno Mars.

▼ We look forward to photos with the stars while wearing his classic outfit.

Piko Taro commented on heading to the big award show while on the Japanese program WOWOW, saying, “I’m always walking on normal carpet, but this time it will be the red carpet! And this isn’t just any old red carpet, but the Grammy’s red carpet!”

It’s pretty clear to see that Piko Taro is extremely excited about the chance to mingle with other musicians, and he also commented that he’ll be polishing the bottoms of his shoes before setting foot on the red carpet.

▼ But the rest of him is already always extremely polished.

The exact capacity of Piko Taro’s role at the Grammy’s is still unclear, but he will be part of the live broadcast of WOWOW on Sunday and perhaps explore some of the city while he’s there. Good thing he’s had some English pronunciation training from an AI robot before heading to the States. We imagine he’ll also be rooting for his buddy Justin Bieber, who’s nominated for four awards including Album of the Year, and Song of the Year. 

Source: NariNari
Featured image: Facebook/ピコ太郎 – PIKOTARO