And you thought living with your roommate was awkward.

Crazy things happen at Japanese zoos. Usually it’s the animals acting in ways that remind us of humans, like capybaras bathing in hot springs, or penguins falling in love with anime cardboard cutouts.

But sometimes the animals remind us they’re still wild animals. Take for instance the recent incident at the Yokohama Yakkeijima Sea Paradise aquarium/amusement park, where some visitors encountered an unexpected feeding show:

“My jaw hit the floor when I saw this stingray prey upon
an oval squid at Yakkeijima Sea Paradise. Scary!”

The ink spraying everywhere, the tentacles on the glass, the screams and cries from the people watching…. Well, if their goal in going to the aquarium was to see nature in action, it doesn’t get much more natural than that!

▼ Just look at that innocent, smiling face on the stingray:
“What’s wrong guys? I was just having a snack!”

▼ The look on that girl’s face says: “I’ve lost something today,
but I won’t know what it us until therapy twenty years from now.”

Some on Twitter questioned how this could have happened at an aquarium, where the animals are usually put into tanks with other sea creatures that they don’t typically eat, and are usually kept full enough so that they don’t hunt each other.

While there hasn’t been any official response yet, the common consensus seems to be that, no matter how careful you are, animals are still going to be animals. Eating squid is as natural to a stingray as going to McDonald’s is for us, and sometimes no amount of eating food provided by our parents/significant others/trainers will be enough to prevent us from giving in to temptation.

Here’s how Japanese Twitter reacted:

“Oval squid used ink attack! …it wasn’t very effective.”
“Did the stingray eat the ink too? It looked like he was sucking it up. That’s nuts.”
“Survival of the fittest in action.”
“I like how the group of fish just swam by in the background as if it’s no big deal.”
“Yakkeijima Sea Paradise doesn’t seem like much of a paradise.”
“I used to think stingrays were so cute….”

I used to think so too, netizen. Until I saw this image of a dried stingray posted by someone else in response to the video:

Those are the scariest animals I’ve seen since the cat that came out of a computer screen like Sadako.

Source: Twitter/@Eternalshm via My Game News Flash
Top image: Pakutaso