Octopus tentacle ear plugs coming to Japanese capsule toy machines

I’m a sucker for stylish ear protection.

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Japanese town that spent 25 million yen in COVID money on giant squid statue says it paid off big

Gigantic squid statue has given a huge boost to the economy, city claims.

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Which Japanese conveyor belt sushi chain has the best squid sushi?【Taste test】

We’re going beyond fish today with a four-way maika faceoff.

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Japanese town builds 42-foot, 25 million-yen squid statue as coronavirus response plan【Video】

An eyesore and waste of government money, or a brilliant economic recovery scheme?

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Cup Noodle instant ramen adds disturbingly named new topping: “almost squid!”

Following the roaring success of “mystery meat,” Cup Noodle turns its vague focus o the sea.

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Terrifying Cthulhu-yaki created by lazy Japanese home chef

If you’re using the Necronomicon as your cookbook, you might end up with something like this monstrosity.

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We prepared our own delicious amberjack sashimi and realized how much money it saved us【Pics】

Achieve your dreams of having a sashimi feast while saving money!

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The best way to drink Japanese sake? From an edible squid bottle!

After this taste test, you’ll never want to go back to using regular drinking vessels again.

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Japanese Twitter user discovers an amazing way to spice up meals using just a paper shredder

Turns out there are more delicious things you can use that shredding machine for other than cutting up paper.

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Stingray devours tank-mate squid at Japanese aquarium, shows what nature is really like 【Video】

And you thought living with your roommate was awkward.

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Pitch-black instant ramen added to Cup Noodle lineup to fill dark hole in our ramen-loving hearts

Special ingredient makes for an instant ramen that looks like no other.

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Video of teen killing squid on Twitter sparks controversy over what we know about our food

Video’s creator surprised at “how little people know” about the world they live in.

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We try the new, limited edition squid viscera potato chips from Japan【Taste Test】

Do you have the guts to try these fermented squid gut-flavored potato chips?

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Drink, cook, eat — New “Ika Glass” is a cup made entirely of squid【Pics】

For those who aren’t entirely satisfied unless they’re able to eat their drinking vessel too.

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Did someone say squid pigs? We make Russia’s cutest recipe ever

Russia is a fascinating country for many reasons, but food tends not to be one of them. For example, how many of us have a Russian restaurant in our neighborhoods? It’s not surprising as dishes with names like “borscht” don’t exactly electrify the taste buds.

But not so fast! One Russian dish has been trending online recently not only for its delicious taste but its adorable appearance as well: Squid Piglets! As you might imagine they are little pigs made out of squid and other delicious stuff.

Or, if you’re struggling to imagine such a thing, join our reporter Meg as she shows us how to make these squiggly wiggly little squid-piglets.

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Let’s learn a little Japanese with this dead squid in a parking lot

Unlike the creature it features, the above image has been floating around online for a few years, but recently has returned back to Japanese shores. However, here such a situation has led to a decidedly punnier outcome. Let’s read what Japanese people have to say about it and maybe learn a little unusual Japanese along the way.

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You, Me, And a Tanuki is a weekly featured blog run by Michelle, a Californian who is currently one of only two foreigners living in Chibu, a tiny fishing village on one of the Oki islands in Japan. Check back every Saturday for a new post or read more on her website here!

It’s squid fishing time in Chibu and when the waves aren’t too high, the horizon is sure to be speckled with the distant light of squid fishing vessels.  Sometimes there are so many boats out at sea that it looks as if dawn is breaking.

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Outbreak of Rare Phantom Squid in Pacific Coast of Japan May Herald Imminent Earthquake

Deep below the ocean lives the squid Chiroteuthis, known in Japan by the name Yurei Ika (Phantom Squid).  The Japanese name comes from its ghost-like fluttering and floating movement.

It’s a squid seldom seen by people who don’t have access to a submarine and can visit their habitat 200 to 600 meters beneath the ocean.  So when they started turning up in unprecedented numbers around the southeastern coast of Japan, experts became understandably alarmed.

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Ballet Shoes- check, Sports Drink- check, Squid in a Bag- check

Summers in Japan are unbearably long, hot and humid affairs that many of us would happily trade in for a couple more weeks of winter. But, sweaty or not, life goes on, so we do what we can to stay cool. Some invest in portable fans; some buy high-tech, sweat-wicking underwear; some make the fatal error of freezing a can of soda and seriously injuring themselves in the process.

Throwing a damp towel or facecloth into the freezer to use later as a frosty pick-me-up is a common method of beating the heat here in Japan, which is exactly what one young lady decided to do before heading off to ballet practice. Or so she thought… Read More