The freaky feline is giving people chills with its uncanny resemblance to one of Japan’s most terrifying horror movie stars.

We’ve seen a lot of sweet and charming felines on the internet, but every once in a while, a more unusual cat might just cross our paths with enough intensity to make us want to run the other way. That’s what happened to Twitter user @ryouka_kurei recently, when an innocent moment at home suddenly turned into a scene from a horror movie, as their little bundle of furry joy stood up in front of the television, looking just like the character Sadako from The Ring film series.

▼ Even the cat’s face looks cold and terrifying.

The cat’s owner was surprised to capture the image, as it only lasted a moment before the cat was thankfully back to its usually self, sauntering over for a cuddle, which was still a little scary but comforting at the same time.

▼ If you need a reminder of Sadako’s terrifying ability to crawl
through televisions, this is sure to jog your memory.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 11.06.15 AM

The similarity between cat and horror star is uncanny, and while it’s scaring people around the internet, they’re somehow finding the whole thing a little cute too.

“It’s like a gentle, beginner’s entry into the terrifying film series”
“If horror films were all like this, I think I might just be able to handle them”
“I can’t look – it’ll curse me like Sadako!”
“At least it will be a warm and furry curse”

The owner has assured everyone that everything is okay in the household and that kitty is all back to normal. Although he’ll be sure to discourage it from sitting in front of the television in future!

Source: ITMedia
Top Image: Twitter/@ryouka_kurei
Screenshots: YouTube/hirojdm011