It’s a facelift in a box!

We’ve seen a number of unusual beauty tips and plastic surgery stories from South Korea in the past, but now there’s a new hack that’s making news online, and this time it’s a simple product with a dramatic effect that Korean women are going crazy for.

Called the Face Maker Lifting Tape, the new beauty item from Dodo Label comes in a box containing 20 sheets, each of which are designed to be used around the jawline to lift the sides of the face to give a slimming effect.

To see how it works, take a look at the video below:

In the clip, you can see how the tape lifts the jawline, creating a smaller face shape, which is an idealised form of beauty in South Korea and throughout much of Asia.

▼ The results of using the tape can be subtle…

▼ Or dramatic, depending on the shape of the user’s face.

▼ Once the tape is covered over with makeup, it’s unable to be seen.

The product has become a hit with beauty-conscious women in South Korea, who have been purchasing the packs and sharing the results on social media.

The lifting tape can be purchased online from Dodo Label for 5,700 Won (US$5.06), which is a pretty small price to pay for such a dramatic uplift.

Source: Dodo Label
Images: YouTube/My Princess HK