It’s time to add KitKats to our beauty routine. 

When we think about new and exciting KitKat releases, Japan’s array of unique and innovative flavours usually come to mind. Now, though, Korea is breaking ground with the iconic brand, giving us an entirely new take on the iconic chocolate with two tasty-looking eyeshadow palettes.

The new products come from popular South Korean makeup brand Etude House, in a special set that includes one of the Play Colour Eyes Mini Kits, with a “soft, velvety KitKat pouch, and sweet KitKat original chocolate”.

▼ The mini palette comes in a handy compact size, perfect for makeup application on the go.

The two palettes on offer include the “Original“, which looks just like a classic red KitKat bar. Opening it up, though, reveals six warm, neutral shades, ranging from a matte beige through to a chocolate brown, shimmery gold and a deliciously vibrant cherry red.

▼ Scroll through to see swatches of each colour.

The pink-and-white box is the “Strawberry Tiramisu” version, which contains six cool-toned neutrals. This one comes with four shimmery styles, and hues ranging from beige through to strawberry and tiramisu, to add a hint of sweet colour to your look.

▼ KitKat eyes.

Etude House is selling each set online for 20,000 won (US$17.81), which makes it an affordable cult beauty purchase, even when splurging on both varieties.

With chocolate-kissed eyes now a part of our daily makeup routine, we’ll have to brush up on our double-eyelid hacks and rewatch this Korean vs Japanese makeup video tutorial to perfect the look. And we might as well enjoy a volcanic KitKat while we’re at it, as all those photos have left us with an earth-shattering desire for something sweet!

Source: Instagram/etudehouseofficial via Insider
Featured image: Instagram/etudehouseofficial