It’s easy to see why Erika Karata has become a sensation in Japan in just a few short years.

Thousands of young girls across Japan dream of becoming a star, but in reality the chances of making it as a famous pop idol/singer/actress/model are pretty slim.

So when 20-year-old Erika Karata was scouted by a casting agent from humble beginnings at a farm theme park in Chiba Prefecture three years ago, she instantly became the envy of young women everywhere.

At the time, Karata was a second-year senior high school student working part-time at Mother Farm, which bills itself as a “Flowers and Animal’s [sic] Entertainment Farm“, where visitors can pick fruits, pet animals and enjoy flowers across a huge expanse of nature four times bigger than Tokyo Disneyland.

The chance encounter by a rep from a talent agency changed Karata’s life, as she immediately began juggling her studies with voice and acting lessons, making her first appearance in a music video for South Korean pop idol group Girls’ Generation that very same year.

Take a look at Karata’s debut as the star schoolgirl in “Divine” below:

In 2015, she secured a role in the Fuji TV drama Koinaka (“Love Relationship“), before being chosen to appear in commercials for Sony Group insurance company, Sony Assurance Inc.

▼ A 17-year-old Karata admits to being “nervous” in behind-the-scenes footage
for her first commercial for the company.

After her first year in the business, Karata was catapulted to stardom, with a number of TV projects to her name, and a growing legion of loyal followers who began referring to her as a “Japanese goddess” for her alluring beauty.

One of her most recent roles saw her stepping into the role of a schoolgirl again in the weekly TV drama Koe Koi (“Voice Love“), which screened on Tokyo TV last summer.

While the TV star’s fanbase continues to grow in Japan, Karata also acts and models in South Korea, as she’s signed to BH Entertainment, an agency known for managing some of Korea’s most famous stars. Her latest commercial, for LG Mobile, is currently being broadcast in South Korea after making its debut just last month.

Luckily for her fans, Karata is fond of sharing photos from her daily life on Instagram, where she shares scenes from photo shoots for magazines…

▼ Music videos…

And TV series, like this one for Kizoku Tantei (“The Aristocrat Detective“), which screened earlier this year.

▼ She also has a lot of cute and contemplative images in her collection too.

No matter how high her star continues to rise, Karata’s feet remain firmly on the ground, as she continues to speak fondly of Mother Farm, often sharing photos of the place where she first got her big break.

Karata’s next big appearance will be in the upcoming film, Netemosametemo (“Sleeping or Waking“), which is set to be released next year. We can’t wait to see what else lies in store for the new star as she continues on her successful career!

Source: Sports Seoul via AhgawingsNext Shark
Featured image: Instagram/erika_karata