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Brand-new Tokyo Shibuya Scramble intersection opens…but over 50 miles away from Tokyo?!【Photos】

Tokyo won’t give you a permit to film on the Scramble Crossing? Don’t worry, because now there’s an alternate site!

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20th Century Boys star Toshiaki Karasawa named Japanese Jack Bauer in 24 reboot

That could work.

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Beautiful “Japanese Goddess” catapults to stardom from a humble farm theme park 【Photos】

It’s easy to see why Erika Karata has become a sensation in Japan in just a few short years.

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40 ways foreign and Japanese TV dramas are different, according to our Japanese-language reporter

A lot’s been said about how foreign audiences feel about Japanese TV dramas, but what if we flip the script?

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Real-life Japanese adult film actresses listed as Imperial Army agents in Chinese period drama

Why you shouldn’t let your prop guy pick any random Japanese names he wants.

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Distributor of anime Your Name reportedly responds to rumors of live-action adaptation

Anime fans have been buzzing about a possible foreign adaptation of director Makoto Shinkai’s hit.

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Idolmaster anime becoming Korean-drama, idol applications to be accepted from around the world!

South Korea will receive a live-action drama adaptation of the hit idol video game and anime franchise, with a few significant changes.

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Prison School’s live-action cast appears in costume, looks the part of its anime inspiration

As tricky as the process of adapting a hit anime to live-action can be, in the case of the most popular series, it’s not hard to see why someone would want to try. Even if you can’t please everyone when making the transitions, in the case of something like Attack on Titan, having a huge, solidly cemented fanbase that’s hungry for more content is incredibly attractive to producers.

But not every anime-to-live-action project is based on such an established hit. While creator Akira Hiramoto’s Prison School manga was first published in 2011, its TV anime hasn’t even been on the air for two months yet. Nevertheless, there’s already a live-action television drama in the works, and the first pictures of the cast, in costume, have just been released.

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Wouldn’t it be great to travel back in time to feudal Japan? Eh, probably not, reveals poll

We are pretty lucky to be living in the 21st century with all the mod-cons at our fingertips. Spare a thought for poor Saburo, a character in the TV drama series Nobunaga Concerto based on the manga by Ayumi Ishii, where he finds himself traveling back in time.

The series is a comical depiction of what happens when Saburo jumps from the present day to Japan’s feudal era, but if we all suddenly found ourselves without the modern conveniences we love, would we really be laughing? Probably not, as revealed by a poll of what viewers would hate if they found themselves sent back in time.

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