No CGI water here, just the magic of patience and teamwork.

When setting up a photo shoot, photographers have to decide on a number of factors, including lighting and makeup. Wardrobe is also a key concern, and for his latest project Kappa Ryu decided to dress his model in a beautiful flowing dress.

But such mundane materials such as cotton or silk wouldn’t do. No, what Kappa Ryu wanted to do was photograph his subject wearing a dress made of water, and while that doesn’t sound possible, he still found a way.

And don’t think that Kappa Ryu just snapped an ordinary picture and then added the fluid fashion digitally. That water dress is a purely practical effect which required a three-person effort. As model Eri leapt into the air, assistant Souya splashed her with a bucket of water, and Kappa Ryu captured the moment with just the right timing as the splash formed a dress-like outline.

The results are breathtaking, and Kappa Ryu quickly found himself on the receiving end of a flood of compliments.

“Amazing. That’s all I can say about this perfect photograph.”
“It looks like the water is alive.”
“This is incredible! How is this even possible?”
“Do one with fire next!”
“It must have been incredibly difficult to time these shots.”

That last comment is right on the mark, as Kappa Ryu said that it took over 100 attempts to get these two gorgeous photos. Still, with the hard work finished, he can now bask in the admiration of photography and cosplay practitioners and fans. He is quick, however, to share the credit with his creative partners, saying “Our success is thanks to Eri’s beautiful looks and posing, and also Souya’s professional-grade water-splashing skills,” proving once again that when you’re working with water for photo or cosplay shoots, you can never overemphasize the importance of a good splash man.

Source: Twitter/@kappa_js via IT Media
Images: Twitter/@kappa_js